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Read-Ink is a small, privately held company specializing in document analysis and handwriting recognition technologies. We are based in Silicon Valley with our R&D centre in Bangalore where Dr. Thomas O. Binford (Professor Emeritus, Stanford) leads a team of 15 engineers.

Our current focus is on handwriting recognition, online and offline. With the increasing number of pen input based devices, highly accurate handwriting recognition has become the critical element of the user experience. With our novel methods and adaptable system, we are pushing the current state of art to new levels. The first version of our online recognition technology will be available very soon.

In the already crowded offline document processing market, our edge is very high recognition rates on unconstrained writing styles and relative independence from the lexicon. In addition, our technology is sensitive to the needs of businesses that require setting up automated systems based on recognition technology and maintain very high levels of accuracy. We provide reliable confidence levels with the output that help in bringing in human intervention at the right time leading to efficient utilization of resources.

For business enquiries, please visit the contacts page.

Is the Next Silicon Valley Taking Root in Bangalore?
Published: March 20, 2006

Thomas O. Binford, left, established Read-Ink Technologies in Bangalore, India, a fertile spot for innovation.

BANGALORE, India, March 19 � Twenty young engineers, mostly from the Indian Institute of Technology, India's premier technology school, peer into computer monitors in the no-frills office of Read-Ink Technologies, a start-up company housed in a small building in the bustling Indiranagar neighborhood of this city.

Read-Ink, one of the self-financed operations, is developing an advanced handwriting recognition software that can read scanned forms, claim forms, medical records and even digital tablets. ....... More


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