Read-Ink Corporation
16012 Flintlock Rd
Cupertino , CA 95014
(408) 705 2123 (phone)

Read-Ink Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
# 129, 10th Road,
KIADB Bengaluru IT Park, 1st Floor,
Jala Hobli, Budigeri Post Office,
Bengaluru North, KA , India– 562129
+91 98451 46067 (Ione Binford)

Is the Next Silicon Valley Taking Root in Bangalore?
Published: March 20, 2006

Thomas O. Binford, left, established Read-Ink Technologies in Bangalore, India, a fertile spot for innovation.

BANGALORE, India, March 19 Twenty young engineers, mostly from the Indian Institute of Technology, India's premier technology school, peer into computer monitors in the no-frills office of Read-Ink Technologies, a start-up company housed in a small building in the bustling Indiranagar neighborhood of this city.

Read-Ink, one of the self-financed operations, is developing an advanced handwriting recognition software that can read scanned forms, claim forms, medical records and even digital tablets. ....... More


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