Thomas O. Binford, PhD
Chairman, CTO and Co-Founder
Emeritus Prof. Of Computer Science (Research), Stanford University

Dr. Binford is a leader in computer vision. His experience includes: Chairman and CTO of Read-Ink Corporation, EVP of Research ANTs Software Inc, over 30 years as a Prof of Computer Science at Stanford University and research scientist at MIT AI lab. Dr. Binford has supervised over 40 PhDs at Stanford University Computer Science Dept.

Ione Binford
CEO and Co-Founder

Ione is responsible for setting the company strategies, building its overall business and marketing.

Ione's experience includes 20 years experience at Hewlett-Packard in various management positions in marketing, business development, engineering and outsourcing. Ione career includes also: CEO for, EVP for Symmetric Security Technologies, EVP of Marketing for ANTs Software Inc. Ione holds an MBA, an MA and BA in psychology.



Is the Next Silicon Valley Taking Root in Bangalore?
Published: March 20, 2006

Thomas O. Binford, left, established Read-Ink Technologies in Bangalore, India, a fertile spot for innovation.

BANGALORE, India, March 19 Twenty young engineers, mostly from the Indian Institute of Technology, India's premier technology school, peer into computer monitors in the no-frills office of Read-Ink Technologies, a start-up company housed in a small building in the bustling Indiranagar neighborhood of this city.

Read-Ink, one of the self-financed operations, is developing an advanced handwriting recognition software that can read scanned forms, claim forms, medical records and even digital tablets. ....... More